Ideas to Keep you Writing

Sometimes even the best writers run out of ideas. Here is a guaranteed way of keeping the ideas flowing. Follow these writing ideas and you will have an overflow of ideas to turn to when trying to write stories, articles, memoirs, poems or books.

Exercising your creativity is like any other form of exercise. Take up jogging and you will have greater stamina. Develop your creativity and you will come up with new ideas for a long time.

Here are some favorite writing prompts of mine as well as the favorites of writers I have worked with over the past 16 years.

Get your creative muscles working. Enjoy and happy creative writing!

Idea #1Catching Ideas: Keep a Notebook to jot down your ideas…

This is perhaps the most important step you can take for making sure you never run out of wonderful ideas to write about. Buy a small notebook that you can easily slip into purse, pocket or tote. Don’t forget to buy a few pens to keep handy. Jot down your ideas whenever they come to you. In the supermarket, at a red light, before you fall asleep… Don’t wait till a more convenient time- you may forget them by then!

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