How to Write Winning Query Letters

What is a query letter? A query letter is both a sales pitch and summary of your book or article. The goal of a query letter is to creates a positive first impression and motivate the editor to ask to see your story or book or to assign you an article to write.

Why is it important? It changes your status- from unsolicited manuscript to requested manuscript.

Before you query: You should first request or find writers’ guidelines. (often hidden on website)

The 3 parts to the query letter
1. The hook: why this book/article is important
2. The summary: what’s in it
3. The bio: why I am the one to write it!
When not to send a query- for humor or very short articles

SPP: Be Sure, Be Professional, Be Precise
Be sure: show confidence and enthusiasm
Be professional: make sure your letter is polished and professional sounding. No mistakes
Be precise: A specific query is better than a general query

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