The Shaindy Rudoff Creative Writing Conference 2012

Some inspiring moments from Bar-Ilan University’s International Creative Writing Conference.

I attended the Tuesday May 8th session.                                                                                       In the Poetry workshop with Linda Ziquit and Joy Katz, we were given the startling assignment to “write a poem that scares you.”  I started to write a poem about two doors: one door leads to an abrupt and steep drop into nothingness and the other door opens only to be slammed shut again. I didn’t have enough time to get too far with it.

The highlight of the conference for me was the Fiction Workshop with Evan Fallenberg and Joan Leegant on Tuesday May 8th.  Joan cited a New York short story author Debra Eisenberg who stated that as writers we should resist the word that first comes to mind and struggle to come up with the real word we mean, not the easy one that pops into our heads. She went on to say that we should penetrate a story and discard the shell. Transcend the givens of a narrative.

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