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Guide to Publishing in Magazines and Newspapers: (Revised and Expanded)
by Tamar Wisemon

Standard Print Media Markets:

A Woman's Way A Literary Journal For The Jewish Woman.
A quality literary publication. Looking for poetry, essays, and divrei Torah, stories, drawings and information on a variety of cultural related activities. Also needs: editing, proofreading, typesetting and editorial advisor work done on a voluntary basis Accepting written submissions and photographs of artwork. Written submissions by email or on a computer diskette only.
Phone- (02) 5806 273
e-mail: talia66@zahav.net.il

Caring and Sharing Chumie Bodek, edits a newsletter in the US entitled Caring and Sharing for parents facing challenges (Often geared for parents with children who are ill).
e-mail: yitzbo@aol.com
757 Whyte Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY. 11211

"Chosen People to the Chosen Land" (CPCL) is a monthly newsletter published in the Orthodox Union's Torah Tidbits and sent weekly to shuls throughout Israel where Anglos live. CPCL appears on the OU's web site: www.ou.org/torah/tt/

CPCL promotes the mitzvah of Aliya. They are looking for inspiring essays for the "Here to Stay" column. About 500 words long, it should include one or two of the following topics:
• Motivation
• Difficulties or major difficulty
• My contribution to Israel
• How living in Israel has contributed to me
Dry facts are not that essential, as the inspiring tone about the importance of aliya.

When sending your submissions, write in the subject line of your email "Here To Stay".

Aloh Na'aleh does not offer pay. Its editor and writers volunteer their skills, in the hope that this work enhances the mitzvah of Yishuv Ha'aretz and the love of Eretz Yisrael

Editor: Batsheva Pomerantz,
e-mail: aloh-naaleh@aaci.org.il

Hamodia: weekly newspaper affiliated with Agudath Yisrael. Based in Israel with a worldwide readership (mainly the US and UK). Motto: "All the news that's truly fit to print". They seek suitable articles for a haredi readership in the following categories for their family magazine section: personal anecdotes, features on Jewish communities, fiction (child and adult) and journalism. No reprints. Usually request copyrights.

5 Yehudah Hamaccabi Street
P.O. Box 1306
Tel: (02) 538 9108
Fax: (02) 538 9108.
e-mail: magazine@hamodia.co.il

Payment: Differs according to type of writing; Features $75 per printed page; Fiction $8 per 1000 bytes.(250 words)

Horizons: Targum Press' quarterly magazine. Mainly a religious market emphasizing women's interests. They seek top quality pieces, fiction and non-fiction, of interest to the frum Jewish world. Current event pieces are discouraged due to time lag. Articles, 1 to 10 pages (approximately 250 words per page). Poetry: one long poem and many shorter poems (4 - 30 lines) per issue. The majority of their subscribers live in America, so items of specific interest only to Israelis cannot be included. Issues are prepared several months before publication, and thus time-oriented submissions should be sent in well in advance.

Submissions: acknowledged, rejection letters sent only if SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) is included. Preferred manner of submission is via email: "Guide to "Publishing in Magazines and Newspapers" cont'd horizons@netvision.net.il). Attach file, if possible. Make certain author's name, snail mail & e-mail all appear on the article itself.

Israeli fax: (02)651-0342.
U.S. toll free fax: 888-298-9992.
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 43170,
Jerusalem 91430, or
P.O. Box 32858,
Baltimore, MD 21208.

Payment: an honorarium of $10 per printed page, plus a complimentary copy. (They know that their authors' works are worth more; but since they do not have advertising they are limited in what they can pay.)

The Jewish Tribune: British weekly newspaper "The Organ of Anglo-Jewish Orthodoxy". Editor, Mr. Grosskopf, likes to "strike a balance and keep all parts of the Orthodox community happy - Sephardim, Litvaks, Chasidim." Particularly interested in fiction. Also seek articles for Women's and Junior sections. Subjects: Travel, Human Interest, Fiction, Biographies, Medical. Unpublished material only. Must be typed double-spaced.

The Jewish Tribune,
97 Stamford Hill Road,
London N165DN UK.
Tel: 0181-800-6688
Fax: 0181-800-5000
e-mail: khjt@brijnet.org

Payment: 50 pounds (approx $75) for articles of approx. 1,500 words.

Milk & Honey
Free magazine for religious Anglos, is approaching its first year anniversary. If you are interested in receiving a free monthly publication void of politics and religious controversy, subscribe today. It is a print publication, so send your full postal address (zip code required) to our e-mail address
e-mail: milkandhoneynews@yahoo.com

Columns we offer include:
Reviews of books written by local authors, business tips for the employed and unemployed, recipe column, a parenting column, and articles about local personalities. Currently, thousands of english speakers in Israel are reading this magazine.
e-mail: milkandhoneynews@yahoo.com
Phone: 02- 992-1834.

Natural Jewish Parenting: quarterly magazine, offering holistic Jewish perspective on child raising and health (also known as the Jewish answer to Mothering magazine). Seeks articles on natural food, healing, relationships, environment, spirituality, pregnancy & birth, learning, discipline, baby & childcare, disability. Also: personal essays, kosher & health news and recipes, vaccine news, reader-to-reader advice, children's writing, and 'roundup' of the latest health and safety news. Preferable to read a few issues of the magazine and request writers' guidelines before submitting.

Submissions: Natural Jewish Parenting
PO Box 466 Sharon, MA 02067
phone 781-784-9657 fax 781-793-9657
e-mail: njpmail@mindspring.com
website http://www.naturaljewishparenting.com

Payment: Free subscription for first article, modest cash payment for subsequent ones.

Poetica Magazine
Poetica, Reflections of Jewish Thoughts.
The goal of Poetica is to publish poetry, essays, and short/shorts pertaining to Jewish subjects or presenting a Jewish point of view.

Submission is open to all writers.
For information on how to submit and future theme issues, please E-mail a request to:
or write to
P.O.Box 11014, Norfolk, VA 23517

Stepping Stones: A Jewish Women's Journal.
Magazine published annually by the Sharei Bina Seminary. (Rebbetzin Tova Weingot.) Seek submissions of high literary quality in the following categories: Torah, interviews, personal testimonials, fiction, poetry and humor. To find out the next issue's theme, please inquire. Editor: Esther Susan Heller.

Submissions: e-mail attachments preferred. If submitting by post, double space and send duplicate copy. Submissions are not acknowledged without SASE or email address.
Stepping Stones,
P.O. Box 320,
Tsfat, Israel.
e-mail: shrshlom@netvision.net.il
Payment: in copies.

Shoshanim, a Magazine for Jewish Teenage Girls.
Looking for fiction stories, with teenage girls as the main characters. Our favorite kind of story is where the girl encounters a problem or finds herself in a difficult situation or has to deal with a weakness in her character, and she grows from the experience or gains an important new insight about herself or about life. We are a magazine for frum Jewish girls, so everything should naturally be written from a Torah hashkafa. Length: 2,500 to 3,500 words. Pay: $200-250. Subscriptions: $18 for 6 issues for U.S. subscribers, $22 for Canadian subscribers (in U.S. funds), and $30 for overseas subscribers (in U.S. funds).
Editor: Shterna Citron,
e-mail: shoshanim@pacificnet.net
fax 323-937-9570,
723 N.Orange Dr. LA, CA 90038.

Yated Ne'eman: weekly newspaper published in Israel with readership in other English speaking countries as well. Home and Family editor Sheindel Weinbach seeks articles for haredi readers that are "home-based, inspirational, with a positive message". Uses personal anecdotes especially with a Tshuvah outlook, chinuch articles, interviews, 'how to' articles and poetry. Article length: up to 2000 words. Does not acknowledge submissions, but may call to inquire. (02-537-2303)

Submissions: Yated Ne'eman, Mrs. Sheindel Weinbach, Panim Meirot 1, Jerusalem.
Fax: (02) 538-7855.
e-mail: yatedeng@netvision.net.il

Payment: 22 shekels for 1000 bytes (about 250 words).

Internet Markets:

The Internet has the potential to reach readers who may never come across print publications aimed at the Orthodox community. The number of Jewish publications using the internet for kiruv purposes is constantly growing, and they usually welcome submissions. Here are a couple:

aish.com (www.aish.com) is an Aish HaTorah website that accepts a range of articles on Jewish themes, including family, business, ethics etc. Editor: Rabbi Nechemia Coopersmith Submission:
Electronic preferred e-mail:
Address: P.O. Box 14149,
Jerusalem 91141, Israel
Tel - Direct Line: 972-2-626-2522 ext. 220
Tel - Main Office: 972-2-628-5666 Fax: 972-2-627-3172

Payment: $100 for an unpublished article. Tips: I am very open to discussing potential topics with authors, to give feedback, and potentially nix an idea before time is invested. So feel free to give me a call.

Jewish Family Magazine (http://www.jewishmag.com)
Considers all genres of Jewish interest. Editor: Eliezer Cohen Submission: e-mail. Send complete articles (rarely accepts reprints), with photographs and links to other relevant websites. Responds within 2 weeks.
e:mail: mail@jewishmag.com

Payment: Usually doesn't pay, and retains rights to keep article in their archives. Tip: Read the magazine first.

In General:

When requesting writers' guidelines, ask about their copyright policy. Payment is usually on publication (i.e., when the article appears in print). Always keep a copy of any material you submit.

Tamar Wisemon is a freelance author who has written for many of these publications.


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